Unpublished interview with Andrew Wakefield for Corvelva

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Episode of Bonfire, RSC, of ​​17/10/2019

To impose its drugs in Greece Novartis would have corrupted thousands of doctors, professionals and politicians. An FBI investigation, told exclusively to Falò.

The strategy (the Novartis case) It would be one of the biggest scandals that the pharmaceutical world has ever seen, with the Swiss multinational Novartis at the center of the investigation. The investigation launched by the FBI in 2016, which started thanks to the collaboration of informants from the Greek headquarters in Novartis, is in its final phase and is bringing to light a shocking image: Novartis would have corrupted thousands of doctors just to have their products prescribed. But not only that: ministers and high state officials have also been targeted by the investigators. Falò gave voice to the protagonists of the scandal. Regarding this investigation, Falò asked Novartis to participate in the service. In particular, we would have liked to carry out an interview to be included in the service. The pharmaceutical company has preferred to send us the following press release. As we have already highlighted at CSR a few months ago, this case has been highly politicized and the debate around it has been quarrelsome and often sensationalistic. We have always cooperated, and will continue to do so, with the ongoing investigations by the Greek and US authorities and will take appropriate measures to counter any illegal behavior. Novartis' commitment to Greece to support patients and the healthcare system continues unchanged. 

Source: https://www.rsi.ch/play/tv/falo/video/la-strategia-il-caso-novartis?id=12312357&expandDescription=true