The decree law was published late yesterday evening. The measures that circulated in the updated draft are confirmed

The decree law was published late yesterday evening. The measures that circulated in the updated draft are confirmed
  • Obligation to present supergreenpass for over 50s in the workplace with the same consequences and penalties provided for the other categories subject to obligation (school, etc.).
  • Obligation, both for workers and for those who do not work, over 50, with a penalty of € 100 imposed by agencies using the data of the health card.
  • Obligation as in the school sector also extended to teachers and university staff and high training and dance.
  • From January 20, the greenpass is mandatory for personal services.
  • Starting from 1 February (or from when they will issue the foreseen Prime Ministerial Decree if later) greenpass obligation for access to public offices, postal, banking and financial services, commercial activities, except for those necessary to ensure the fulfillment of essential and primary needs of the person, identified by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (precisely DPCM).
  • Article 4 foresees differences on the management of positive cases and specifically for secondary schools there will be discrimination in teaching in presence or at a distance, with more than two infections in the classroom, between vaccinated / cured and not. In the case of face-to-face teaching (with one, two or three cases), however, there will be a requirement for FFP2 if in presence.

Attention to this passage of the last DL N.1 / 2022:

"2. The sanction referred to in paragraph 1 is also applied in the event of non-compliance with the vaccination obligations referred to in articles 4, 4-bis and 4-ter."

What does it mean? That the categories of school workers, health workers and nursing homes or social health and welfare structures will also be subjected to the penalty of € 100 introduced with this decree.
Why do we care about this? Certainly not for the € 100 which in itself is an objectively ridiculous penalty, but for this reason it is clear that the purpose is another. We can hypothesize that the purpose in this case is precisely to access that intersection of data introduced with this decree law, which provides that the Health Card becomes an instrument for monitoring compliance with the vaccination obligation.

Consequently, in this way the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Health, through the health card tool that we all have, will be aware of the vaccination situation of every person who falls into these categories.

If this analysis is correct, it is very likely that this type of obligation will soon be extended to the entire population, in order to have direct control over who gets vaccinated and who does not. We will discover the consequences and therefore the real purpose of this trick along the way ...

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