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For over 25 years, together for freedom of choice

Joining Corvelva means first of all sharing the principles of the association and supporting its battles, united to guarantee vaccination freedom in Veneto, in Italy, in Europe, in the world.

It will not be easy, the moment is indeed very difficult for all of us, but the fight to defend our constitutional rights remains the only way forward, at any cost.

The minimum membership fee is € 26 (clearly possible for those wishing to donate larger amounts) with calendar year validity, from January 31st to December XNUMXst.


Hello everyone,

We inform you that starting from 2021 December 2022 it will be possible to join Corvelva for the year XNUMX.

The two-year period 2020-21 will leave an indelible mark on our lives. The concepts of democracy and rights, as we have always conceived them, have radically changed in the face of the "global health" project. For Health and Safety you can derogate from anything, this is the basic idea, this is what they want to impose on us.
But above all, the very meaning of "health" has changed: today they want us to believe that none of us can conceive ourselves healthy until proven otherwise, today we are sick until proven otherwise. They have succeeded in overturning the very "healthy / sick" paradigm.

All this is nothing more than the implementation of projects that were already planned, written in black and white years ago. Covid19 was simply the perfect pretext.

The truth is that the Green Pass, or vaccination passport, or license if you prefer, has always been pushed by the World Economic Forum and is part of the Agenda2030 project, as well as ID2020. Around us we find acronyms known to us, such as GAVI Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft etc. All perfectly part of that macro project called the Global Health Security Agenda born in 2014 and which, as a baptism, had the conferment of the leader's cross to Italy for world vaccination strategies, translated, to have the vaccination obligation applied by its watchdogs first to us Italians and then throughout Europe.

For the year 2022, one thing above all will have to be done: react!

If you want to support us, it is now possible by joining Corvelva!

PS We are a regional association, from Veneto, which has created a good fabric of both national and international relations, you can support us from any part of Italy and the world but our advice will always be to create a group around you at a territorial level . Support the closest local realities that are the first barrier to this madness that is about to overwhelm us.

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