Where did the NoVax go? Don't worry, they are all here, watching you sink into the ridiculous

Where did the NoVax go? Don't worry, they are all here, watching you sink into the ridiculous

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CORVELVA Papers 3 2020 IT

In a few days all those who had to feel reassured by the triumphant battle to make 10 vaccines mandatory, found themselves helpless, discovering that in addition to chickenpox and measles there are (oh my God!) Other viruses!

In the last few days there was a lack of some useless and partisan provocation. Above all there was a lack of hatred "against someone", so some "talented" journalists thought it well to rekindle an old woman but always the same Useful controversy: the one that sees the "no-vax" as protagonists.

Well, it happens that in the face of the great psychosis (mostly media) that has been gripping our country for a few days, some brilliant characters have warned the lack of "no-vax", or rather the much-loved - to them - controversy, churning out various articles of the like "How loud is the silence No vax" - "Where did the No-vax go?" And so on. 
Let's fly (so to speak) on the total idiocy to bring up the issue related to the obligation of vaccinations during an epidemic caused by a virus that vaccine does not have.
We kindly point out that those whom these gentlemen call "No-vax" are citizens like everyone else, who work, pay taxes, contribute to the social, economic and political life of the country, and who are against the imposition of vaccination obligations (and healthcare in general). And where are we? 
We are here, exactly where before, to attend one of the worst shows that Italian politics has long offered in this part.

We are here, stunned, watching so many political and institutional representatives blathering from the pages of the newspapers, without the slightest knowledge of the facts (but something must be said and something must be written and if you do not know what to say and what to write, well, speak and write random).
First we speak against the "unjustified" discrimination of Chinese children returning from the country affected by the Coronavirus, when for years the same discrimination was encouraged for our unvaccinated healthy children - only to attend the closure of schools for everyone, even where there are no epidemic outbreaks.

And there is talk of the vaccine that is not there first, then it will be ready in a week, then it will still take 7 months, who raises in a couple of years. And so with the waltz of the numbers, the epidemiological conditions, the direct TVs on the need to armor a country rather than some region or maybe not, just a few municipalities.
Carnivals and masses canceled, but shopping centers open; restaurants open (but empty because you have done a great job of media terrorism) and closed pubs; the day before the crowd in Venice and the next day here is the ordinance that even prohibits meeting for cultural events in open places. And in the meantime a country that lives (also) of tourism is heavily damaged by the incompetence of a ruling class that when it really comes to protecting public health goes in disarray, while to impose 10 vaccines it finds unity of intent on "solid scientific basis ".
A Law Decree signed in a hurry is launched when the first cases are found - foreseeable cases since the tampons have started - and just 3 days after the WHO takes the reins of the situation to say that it has gone too far and is only a influence, which is not the case for unjustified panic and that mass psychosis must be reduced (artfully mounted by the mass media ...), while half the world does not do the least about discrimination the Italians, advising against travel and travel to and from our country, blocking ships and transport to and from Italy.

However, we keep the Decree Law which suspends democracy: in fact, in different (and changing) areas of the country, organized aggregation outdoors and indoors, in public and private places, is forbidden, as well as it is possible to prevent free movement of people in areas designated as "at risk" - at the risk of that, now, of an influence ???

However you look at it, this Covid-19 epidemic has shown once more (and hopefully once and for all) that we are in the hands of pressure: on the real gravity of events; predicting the consequences of these events; on the consequences that inability to manage may have on the social and economic aspects of a nation. 

Someone says, the novax now what do they say? And what do we have to say ... That in a few days the whole institutional theater has miserably collapsed, finally showing the crude reality: that of a country without a capable management and a leading ruling class that can cope with any emergency - be it economic, politics, health ... (not that it had not already been noticed, as we are that charming country that still hosts thousands of families in tent cities or container houses after the devastating earthquakes that have ravaged our territory). 

In a few days all those who had to feel reassured by the triumphant battle to make 10 vaccines mandatory, found themselves helpless, discovering that in addition to chickenpox and measles there are (oh my God!) Other viruses that can manifest themselves from one day to the next, and hit even those who were "on the right side" of the barricade and had followed without discussion all the indications of the self-styled experts, who indicated the Novax as the worst enemy to fight. Suddenly everything we have said for years has turned out to be obvious: 10 vaccines (but not even 15) will be required to protect public health, let alone the immunosuppressed population, neither at school nor anywhere else, as it is potentially viruses and bacteria pathogenic and risky for that same category of people exist galore and new ones are born (and not always at the hands of Nature, but that's another story). 

So what is it that we know how to do in Italy? We know very well how to ride the emotional wave to sell more newspapers and increase the audience and to pass unconstitutional laws on freedom of care; we know perfectly how to encourage the investments of multinationals - with registered offices abroad - by offering the population as a rich buffet to serve themselves; we know how to force tens of thousands of healthy children to stay out of kindergartens when we talk about measles (mortality almost zero in Italy), but we are ready to say "No to discrimination" when a risk arises for a new disease that has a mortality of (it seems) about 3%.

So what do the no-vax say? They don't say anything, they are already used to keeping children at home, they are not seized by the idea of ​​schools and kindergartens closed a week, so much they know that if they have a child they have to keep it at home and pay for the baby- sitters and throughout the year, just as they know that the social mother who wishes the worst misfortunes to them and their children, sends her son to school with a fever, vomiting and diarrhea, in the face of the immunodepressed schoolmate. 
Oh, that's right, the no-vaxes: they look, evaluate, weigh, and smile imagining all the disciples of the media-virologists, terrified, swinging in a corner of the house in the grip of hypochondria. You call them, if you want, satisfactions.

But going back to Covid-19: another interesting aspect that emerged strongly from this emergency is that the "scientific community", which until yesterday claimed to present to the imagination of the population as a united and absolutely compact front, is instead quite divided .
In fact, in these days we have discovered that those who were taken for virology and infectious disease oracles do not enjoy this recognition by all their colleagues; that the opinion of the "experts" is not univocal but presents several voices and often opposed; that, even among those who deal with "Science" there can be disputes between what is right and what is not. Other than the Transverse Pact! 
Among those who say that Covid-19 will exterminate us all, those who say it is a banal influence, those who say that yes, it is worrying but no more than many other pathologies that cause tens of thousands of victims in Italy every year, we have perhaps re- found that even in medicine there is something called opinion, or interpretation of those same data that seemed yesterday to be gravestones over any attempt at dialogue and comparison.

We have even learned that the WHO now considers this epidemic little more than a mere flu, with very high cure rates. The Novaxes quietly point out that much higher cure rates are found for measles in our country, but paradoxically, measles remains a risk for the very existence of humanity ... That same WHO defines our vaccine distrust as a "scourge".

Well a question at this point appears to be a must: before issuing a Decree Law that throws the country in dismay, freezes the normal daily life of citizens, places severe restrictions on individual freedom, with obvious economic consequences and more, our rulers have consulted with experts? If so, which ones? Since WHO and many other voices - Italian and otherwise - of the scientific community are rising today to downsize what the Italian government has treated as the worst health scenario of the last decades?
And in this wake of reasoning, other questions arise: the experts will consultants from the Italian government really be "experts"? And wouldn't it be that these experts should not have so much influence on political decisions? Questions the Novaxs ask themselves, of course, but perhaps many others as of today.


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