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Australia takes sides with us

Australia takes sides with us

CORVELVA and the Venetian Parents now have a new ally, Australia (Australia Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc.).

Venice will be the sign! The watershed! The battle cannot and must not be only Venetian or Italian!

Corvelva Staff thanks Tasha David

Dear brothers and sisters in Italy,

Australia is proud to stand alongside Italy and the rest of the world against the tyranny of vaccines. We witnessed the astonished tens of thousands of brothers and sisters in Italy who filled the streets to show the world the truth about vaccines and the fact that governments deny the adverse consequences of vaccines and instead force the use of untested and untested vaccines. safe with coercive policies on children. You have shown us what true corruption and determination is and we feel inspired by all of you.

We are proud and honored to stand by your side because we in turn know how difficult it is to live with a government that oppresses and persecutes its citizens in order to serve large companies. Our prime minister and his wife are shareholders in a vaccine company and therefore benefit personally from their coercive vaccination policies which they have forced families to enforce. Our families are penalized for a total of about A $ 15,000 a year if they are not vaccinated within the time prescribed by an increasingly pressing vaccination campaign.

Our children are excluded from kindergartens, our doctors, nurses and health personnel are subject to government sanctions almost as if it were a witch hunt and persecuted if discovered to talk about the adverse reactions they are witnessing. International vaccine experts and lecturers who try to come to Australia are treated as terrorists and banned from returning to Australia for over 3 years.
The media openly define loving families as killer children, terrorists, murderers and members of religious sects, but what is our crime? To grow healthy children without injecting more and more pharmaceutical drugs into their bodies from birth to death.

All this must end and it is the responsibility of all of us to make it come true! We will no longer allow our children to be harmed and that the ability to protect them will be removed!

We stand with you today and shout that our children are not for sale and our bodies belong only to us and not to the government.

We stand with you today to say that we will no longer be silent and that united, our voices will become a roar that will be heard all over the world.

We stand with you today and shout that there is nothing and nobody that can stop us from fighting for our children, our bodies and our right to choose!

We will also be thousands of miles from you physically but our hearts and minds are with you all.


Tasha David
Australia Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. (AVN)

Australia Vaccination letter skeptics Network


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