The privacy management modules

The privacy management modules
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Lately, many of you have been asking us for information on the matter privacy, in particular with reference to the management modules of the privacy that are proposed by schools.

The first consideration to make is this: they are consent forms to data processing that have always been proposed for many years now, (they are proposed for anything, even for the supermarket card), but clearly today we are all with antennas high. 
There is to consider that there is a new regulation which came into force last May, which transposes EU regulations, and which also foresees very serious consequences if "the cards are not in order". Therefore nothing strange if more modules have been proposed, or even much more detailed modules.

Having said that, of course we have to be very careful about what we sign, but it must also be said that the school will not have data that we will not provide. For this reason, for example, with the 119 we have suggested NOT to deliver any sensitive data to schools, since it is possible to do so without any consequence (except reporting to the Asl, which in Veneto already knows very well who is vaccinated and who is not) .

Refuse to sign the modules will put the school, or the body or company that we have in front of us, in the condition of not being able to process your data, and consequently also of do not complete the registration, or not being able to provide certain services. The same applies to sensitive data, because for example if my child is allergic and I need to report it, the school if I deny the data will not be able to receive or manage this information. 
Therefore, these modules are used by those who provide the service to be in compliance with the law.

In this regard, I want to emphasize that it is a law, 119/2017, which commits schools to deal with this "census", obliging it to take charge of the management of sensitive and health data. We repeat that, as far as you can do without, it is better to take advantage of the right not to deliver them at all, rather than refusing to sign a form that is used by the administration to manage registration or the services requested.