The Freedom of Choice Committee sends a file to the 12th Health Commission

The Freedom of Choice Committee sends a file to the 12th Health Commission
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We inform you that the working group to which we belong, the Freedom of Choice Committee which we revealed last January 25 after more than a year and a half of activity behind the scenes, has completed an impressive job.

As you know, the Senate Health Commission ended the hearings without accepting our request to intervene, despite the promises made last October.

Now the hearings are closed and the discussion in the Senate Health Commission will begin this week: we have therefore accepted the invitation of the President of the Commission Sileri and sent him (Secretariat and Commission) all the work done with effort and months of work.

Let's talk about:

  • a 56 page Dossier with the introduction to the work done; a long discussion on the law 119/2017 and its critical issues, which are found in the DDL 770 under discussion; extensive work on the meaning of informed consent and what vaccination hesitation really means and what it is determined from; analysis of the difficulties for the recognition of vaccine damage, which we consider necessary because the injured must have a voice.
  • a 6-page Dossier ("short" version)
  • over 50 attachments to support the work done
  • several pages with proposed amendments to the text of the Bill 770

 All the material had to be shipped by 23.59 pm yesterday, February 10th: we worked until the last minute for the final finishes and we did it.

We wait for the recipients to accept the work, in the coming days we will make public what has been done for everyone.

Of course, Corvelva also sent all the documentation on its own.
We will keep you updated on the next developments on the path of this DdL, remembering that it is of primary importance at this moment to push on a communication level in order not to let go: the games are not over and the media attention of these days on the topic of vaccines has returned to front pages as "topic of the day" in a domineering way, show that we must remain vigilant. We will inform you as always of any initiative in this regard.
Corvelva staff

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