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Political meeting with the Municipality of Verona

Political meeting with the Municipality of Verona

Today we had a political meeting with the Municipality of Verona. I speak to you because it clarifies any position taken by the statutory auditors different from the law.

The facts are that the Municipality of Verona had published on the municipality's website the limit for the delivery of documentation for enrollments in nursery schools and nursery schools on August 21. Some parents had tried to contact city officials to understand why this date differed from the legal text (10 September) and had felt almost threatened, feared a list of names of the unvaccinated with the prospect of the juvenile court for those who had "devised" the technique of reserving vaccinations for the sole purpose of delaying and attending the nursery or nursery.

Knowing this, we took action for a meeting with the Mayor of Verona Sboarina who sent us back to the Councilor for Education Senator Stefano Bertacco. Encounter had the unexpected surprise of being in front of a Senator in strong opposition to the Lorenzin Law decree. We did not know it because as far as we knew, Bertacco as Senator, was not present during the voting and was not on our "list".
The explanations seemed sincere to us, the date of August 21st was declared for those who started school early (September 10st) and not for everyone but it was an indication. The question that a municipal executive or mayor can send a report to the juvenile court in the event of default is particularly absurd for Senator Bertacco, there would not even be the conditions. As anticipated by our procedures and by the comments on subsequent circulars, the law is in the decree and that's it. Each interpretation leaves the time it finds. We must deliver FORMAL BOOKING REQUEST by XNUMX September and there are no other obligations. This is the bottom line of the speech made with the Councilor.

We tried to understand how a sort of agreement could be found in a common "non-enemy", the answer was sincere but clear, the mayor counts for little and must follow national law especially if a decree law (existence of an emergency criterion) . The room for maneuver on the mayors is very limited and as widely said, it is not harmful to consult the mayors (we will also suggest a procedure given the requests), it simply does not help if you use a single solution for all realities. Political acumen must be high and the mayor is not always the person to be called upon. It should be understood whether to act on minority directors, on an assessor (as in our case) or directly on the mayor, in short, the municipality must be studied.

Appeals issue. The municipality of Verona was unable to accompany and join in the appeal of the Veneto Region as only an institution like the Region can go directly to the Constitutional Court without going through all the steps of the case (appeal to the TAR etcc.)


The municipality asked the Veneto Region to be able to make sure that the ASLs send the booking directly to the families but, Bertacco tells us, there is no upgrade to the management system and for now they have not been able to do it. Prospects that fixed this purely technical problem will be the ASL to send the reservation and we will have to deliver that to the schools. Therefore expect registered mail with reservation already fixed in the next few days.


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