Registration "Corvelva Members 2019"

Registration "Corvelva Members 2019"
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Hi friends, we remind you that registrations to Corvelva are valid for the calendar year, therefore regardless of the date of registration, the same will expire on 31/12 of each year. This year we have redone the site and therefore registrations are open now 2019. Those who register in December 2018 will however see their registration valid until December 31, 2019.


As always, Corvelva helps everyone it has never happened that someone has not been helped because "non member", clearly there are documents reserved for the members area of ​​the site and for the Facebook members group, but our procedures have been widely made available of all.


Corvelva does not close its doors to anyone, the membership fees are used to carry out all the projects of the association and to support the resources that are dedicated to freedom of therapeutic choice, the main theme of our battles, a fundamental issue that concerns ALL.

The advice we often give to those who join but is outside the Veneto region, is to follow the indications of the local realities of its area. If we really have a strength, it is because we know the area and manage to act in a differentiated way. Our procedures are therefore developed knowing our Veneto region. It is understood that if you believe in us and in the path we are taking, you can join from all over Italy and we can only guarantee that we will use every single drop of energy, even economic, to try to stop this system.

Thank you for your support, Happy Holidays, the staff