School enrollments 2018/2019 (range 0-6)

School enrollments 2018/2019 (range 0-6)
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It is the opinion of the Corvelva board that to enroll children for the school year 2018/2019 is a waste of time and money, as well as (above all) the waste of an additional opportunity to create discomfort to schools, in particular of the IMF circuit.

Let's be clear: we have nothing against the IMF (if not a little disappointment for how they did NOT manage this ongoing discrimination), but perhaps, with a view to a change of government (hopefully), IF THERE WERE PRESSURE ALSO FROM OTHER FRONTS, SEE SCHOOLS IN DIFFICULTY, WE WOULD HOPE TO SEE THIS HORRIBLE LAW CHANGED. Therefore, in our opinion, it makes no sense to enroll children who would not attend school in September if not subjected to vaccinations (and we hope that no health choices will be made driven by an administrative obligation). And by not registering them we could, we use the conditional, raise some doubts, create inconvenience and difficulties for managers and then for legislators.

Obviously, as always, we give here our vision of the matter, without pretending in any way to interfere on the personal choices of individual people. You are left with the final considerations, but this is the position of the association in this regard.

We now come to the analysis of the latest updates in this regard: article 18-ter of the tax decree, anticipates this year the simplifications referred to in art.3 / bis L.119, paragraphs 1 to 4 (therefore it does not anticipate the forfeiture registration). Therefore you will not be asked anything at the time of enrollment, school and ASL (after hearing the guarantor, we will see) should manage everything independently: if you are not in order, the school will solicit you in June, and your position will be defined by July . It is clear to us that those who are currently in the process of objection, have little hope of finding themselves still in the limbo of indecision in September 2018, because it is extremely probable that the ASL will provide a crackdown well before that date. Therefore, your position will probably be well known before the start of next year, whatever the road you intend to take (payment or appeal), when you have not started vaccinations within the deadline established by the ASL notification .

We hope to have clarified our position and our "visions" of the topic. Happy pursuing everyone!