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Clean Vaccines? Corvelva's position

Clean Vaccines? Corvelva's position

Since the "clean vaccines" leitmotif came out, we have never felt compelled to take a stand on it.

However, we realized that in doing so we assumed that our position regarding vaccinations was clear ... lately we realized that perhaps this is not the case! So let's talk here about what freedom of choice means for Corvelva.

Freedom of choice means that no one, for any reason in the world, must be, can be, obliged to take a drug or in any case to receive any medical or health treatment on their body. The inviolability of the body is a much broader topic than that inherent only to vaccines and those who today underestimate the threat posed by a mass vaccination obligation, perhaps, in our opinion, should broaden our horizons a bit and think about what scenarios could open once the possibility of imposing medical or any other treatment on the body of each individual was approved and definitively cleared through customs. Having said that, Corvelva's position has always been very, very critical of vaccines, intended precisely as prophylaxis: critical in terms of utility, critical in terms of safety, critical in terms of effectiveness.

This does not mean that we want to abolish vaccines, no, this means that we claim and believe sacrosanct the right of people to be adequately informed and to be able to choose based on this information. We also consider it a duty on the part of the institutions to go to the bottom of any problems that emerge from the vaccination practice since today we are in the opposite situation, that is, the institutions do not control anything and indeed do everything to cover up, hide everything under the carpet what vaccines bring with them is harmful, and at the same time they try to extend the vaccination obligation to an ever wider range of population, in a situation like this in our opinion there is no need to say "yes to vaccines but that they are clean "because it is like admitting the possibility that if a given medicine or drug any other type of substance or" thing "should or could be introduced into our body, if it is clean and if it is safe, it is fine and it is acceptable! But no! It is not acceptable to us, it must never be, whatever it is: it may also be the most miraculous thing in the world but I, a sentient individual, have the right and I must have the right to say NO!

Experience, especially in the medical-scientific field, teaches us that what we know today may not be the same as what we will discover tomorrow, but in any case regardless of this, the concept that everyone must be free and master of his own must never be lacking. body: no state or government or nation should be allowed to dispose of it as it pleases, at will. Science has been wrong many times, and even if it is not wrong, I human being MUST pretend to have freedom of choice about myself (and of course, in our case, about children, since we are solely responsible for them, those who love them, the only ones to take care of their well-being and the only ones who would face any damage they would suffer, alone, ONLY).

Therefore, friends, Corvelva is for free choice because impositions are not for us;
Free choice also to question any dogma, albeit scientific;
Free choice to say NO to vaccines.


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